I love being a prosthodontist because I have experienced how much restoring someone’s smile can positively impact their life.  I worked with many people who were once ashamed of their smile and chose to miss social events or seeing old friends because they were embarrassed about their appearance.   The most rewarding part of my work has been helping people rebuild that part of their life.  

In addition to re-creating smiles, I enjoy getting to know all of my patients.  Relationships are one of the most important aspects of our lives, and developing these connections are just as important to me when I practice dentistry. 

~Dr. Alec Zurek, DDS MS FACP

I have practiced dentistry for the majority of my life and still love it. The most rewarding part of my career has been getting to know many of our patients over the last 25 years.  The foundation of trust I form with my patients is one of the most important aspects of their overall care.  I am excited to share this now with my son, who brings a new level of healthcare to our practice with his specialist training and experience.  

I'm excited to continue serving the Naperville community for years to come.  I look forward to meeting you or catching up at your next appointment!

~Dr. John Zurek, DDS

Meet the Doctors

Dr. Alec D Zurek
Board-Certified Prosthodontist


Naperville Central High School
Illinois Wesleyan University (B.A.)
University of Illinois at Chicago College of Dentistry (DDS)
Advanced Prosthodontics Specialty Program (MS)
Board-certification in the specialty of Prosthodontics (FACP)


American College of Prosthodontists
International Team for Implantology
American Academy of Fixed Prosthodontics
ITI Chicago Study Club
American Dental Association
Chicago Dental Society


Dr. John W Zurek
General Dentist


Saint Ignatius High School
Loyola University Chicago (B.S.)
University of Illinois at Chicago College of Dentistry (D.D.S.)


American Dental Association
Illinois State Dental Society
Chicago Dental Society