What is a Prosthodontist?

According to the American Dental Association, a Prosthodontist is the recognized dental specialist in the cosmetic rehabilitation and replacement of teeth.  After completing 4 years of general dentistry training, a Prosthodontist completes an additional 3 years of training at an accredited University or hospital residency program.  The specialty training focuses on comprehensive treatment planning in order to achieve a highly esthetic and functional outcome for any clinical situation.  This includes saving and restoring teeth when possible, but also an in-depth knowledge of dental implants when teeth must be replaced for an ideal result.  In the field of dentistry, a Prosthodontist is considered to have the highest level of training in cosmetic and complex dentistry.

What is Board Certification?

Dr. Alec Zurek and Dr. Craig Sikora are Board Certified Prosthodontists.  Less than half of prosthodontists are board certified.  To become board certified in prosthodontics, there is a multi-step examination process that is administered by many of the recognized experts in the field.  It serves as an extra layer of certification for patients seeking care with complex dental needs, and shows a dedication to continuing education and the field of prosthodontics.